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  1. askcuandlu:

    Lulu’s Bonus.

    I’m sorry this isn’t clop, or ponies, but this is great <3

    (via drclopington)


  2. Just a little group of Inky Butt <3
    (shh.. my IRL girlfriend doesn’t know about this blog.. yet~)


  3. thehotroom:

    Finally finished the comic commission!

    Download zip here


  4. Have some Inky + Tentacles (I have so many inky’s!! If you would like some more, just message the page!)

    So just a little rant, there’s this really stupid page on facebook called MLP 18+, and all the do, is force billions of NSFW tags on every photo they put up, and it isn’t even porn. I seen maybe one pony butt, and they’re passing up faces as porn! I told them to link this tumblr page, and they still don’t get it! Porn is porn, and this, is damn good stuff! We are experienced porn finders, and posters! Do not underestimate our powers!!



  5. A few things;
    I am not futa! I am not trannsexual (I might, still unsure)!! I am a regular 15 year old male, who is lonely and depressed as fuck! I was in a really “cute” mood, and thought i’d post a selfie. If you would like to message me, please send all messages to http://activation7x.tumblr.com 

    This is quite an awesome picset, which doesn’t include the first picture.




  6. This is me IRL. :p



  7. Footashai (Futashy) request by anon.



  8. I enjoy looking at reblogs of our porn, and checking out their blogs.
    Also, 69~



  9. Twibutt



  10. http://tehurn.com/gayweed

    This is amazing



  11. I know this isn’t porn, but fan-art… FAN-ART /)O3O(\



  12. It has seem that someone took down that Selfie picture

    Sorry guys


  13. Anonymous said: Can all of the admins post selfies?

    If you scroll down a bit on our page, you’ll see an image of Me and TW at Bronycon.

    Other admins may do so whenever they want.

    Back to the porn.



  14. activation7x:

    I gotta come clean, I’ve been lying to you all. I am really a 15 year old boy, who has gender disphoria, depression, and loneliness. I have considered becoming transsexual.. but i’m not ready for a decision like that.. feel bad for lying, but that’s the truth.


  15. cloudchaser2014:

    Got bored so I made this wat yall think

    This made me cry.. I like it..