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  1. Ohdeargod.. XD



  2. A good friend of mine wanted “Mares being dominated by stallions/Bondage”

    [e621 I don’t fuckin know]



  3. My girlfriend had requested some flutterbat 

    Seach flutterbat on e621. Done deal.



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  5. kheltari:

    it might be my birthday today, but here’s a gift for you guys!

    Happy birthday to me, yay~

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  6. Update on the blog admin.

    So yeah, me, TheWarden, has not posted in months. Im still here, I still read messages, i just dont post often. Why? Because i dont find enjoyment in this anymore. I still like pony porn a lot, but posting it aint fun anymore. I love all my followers to death. But, im just letting you guys know formally, im basically retired from this blog. I may post sometime, but rarely. I am thinking about giving you guys links to my Youtube, where i upload videos regularly, but its risky. Message me if you would actually care about seeing my youtube.

    So yeah, after 2 years, TheWarden is out.

    PS: Amber and moona are the only ones who actually post often, so kudos to them for sticking with it.


  7. A really good friend of mine had request bondage/dominated mares.

    e621, that’s all I can say.



  8. sixcorrupted:

    Commission for a friend

    Go follow her, she doesn’t post much NSFW, but her art is great.

  9. A good IRL friend of mine had wanted some clop. At first it was weird to find clop on her phone, but I found it. She had requested some Rainbow Dash, and even picked most of them out.



  10. Sorry for being so inactive guys.

    I don’t usually use Tumblr all that much.

    And I’ve been busy moving.

    I apologize.

    Anyways, here’s some porn I’ve found here and there without the sources.

    Threw in some Elite porn because it’s hot.



  11. askcuandlu:

    Lulu’s Bonus.

    I’m sorry this isn’t clop, or ponies, but this is great <3

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  12. Just a little group of Inky Butt <3
    (shh.. my IRL girlfriend doesn’t know about this blog.. yet~)


  13. thehotroom:

    Finally finished the comic commission!

    Download zip here


  14. Have some Inky + Tentacles (I have so many inky’s!! If you would like some more, just message the page!)

    So just a little rant, there’s this really stupid page on facebook called MLP 18+, and all the do, is force billions of NSFW tags on every photo they put up, and it isn’t even porn. I seen maybe one pony butt, and they’re passing up faces as porn! I told them to link this tumblr page, and they still don’t get it! Porn is porn, and this, is damn good stuff! We are experienced porn finders, and posters! Do not underestimate our powers!!



  15. A few things;
    I am not futa! I am not trannsexual (I might, still unsure)!! I am a regular 15 year old male, who is lonely and depressed as fuck! I was in a really “cute” mood, and thought i’d post a selfie. If you would like to message me, please send all messages to http://activation7x.tumblr.com 

    This is quite an awesome picset, which doesn’t include the first picture.