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  1. A few things;
    I am not futa! I am not trannsexual (I might, still unsure)!! I am a regular 15 year old male, who is lonely and depressed as fuck! I was in a really “cute” mood, and thought i’d post a selfie. If you would like to message me, please send all messages to http://activation7x.tumblr.com 

    This is quite an awesome picset, which doesn’t include the first picture.




  2. This is me IRL. :p



  3. Footashai (Futashy) request by anon.



  4. I enjoy looking at reblogs of our porn, and checking out their blogs.
    Also, 69~



  5. Twibutt



  6. http://tehurn.com/gayweed

    This is amazing



  7. I know this isn’t porn, but fan-art… FAN-ART /)O3O(\



  8. It has seem that someone took down that Selfie picture

    Sorry guys


  9. Anonymous said: Can all of the admins post selfies?

    If you scroll down a bit on our page, you’ll see an image of Me and TW at Bronycon.

    Other admins may do so whenever they want.

    Back to the porn.



  10. activation7x:

    I gotta come clean, I’ve been lying to you all. I am really a 15 year old boy, who has gender disphoria, depression, and loneliness. I have considered becoming transsexual.. but i’m not ready for a decision like that.. feel bad for lying, but that’s the truth.


  11. cloudchaser2014:

    Got bored so I made this wat yall think

    This made me cry.. I like it..



  12. the-graywolf-love:

    God I love this gif set 



  13. Happy Birthday to me



  14. Here’s the blog in case you needed a Link to it


  15. I have to be completely honest here guys, I may actually retire from looking/clopping at pony porn. My nosebleeds seem to have gotten worse, I am unsure of how to say this, but I love clop so much I need to let it go ;~;

    I might leave for a month or so..